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Boom Ditty's new record is out now.

 It's available through Digipack CD, Download & Music Streaming Platforms.

The eponymous album was released on December the 2nd 2021 and features nine outstanding original songs along with an arrangement of a Bruce Springsteen track.

It was a “one-shot”recording by Paul Magne, also known as the drummer in the pop/folk band Cocoon


Boom Ditty performed the whole album live to give an authenticity to the tracks.

The dobro, present in all of the tracks, is credited to renown international musician Manu Bertrand, also greatly contributing in the recording sessions of the album.


Although devoted to Bluegrass, Boom Ditty go beyond musical boundaries and explores all paths of Folk Americana music.


This new opus follows two noteworthy EPs and is for the band an achievement as well as a consecration.
With a raw and powerful feel, it offers a truehearted depiction of the genre's codes, generously woven into lush polyphonic vocals and astounding instrumental odyssees.

The lyrics are smart, witty and through a subtle sense of story-telling, include themes such as Family, Nature and Society, among others.

Boom Cafe.jpg

Formed in 2012 in the Southwest of France, Boom Ditty is now firmly part of the French Folk and Bluegrass scene.
Experienced with more than 300 gigs, the band have performed at major European bluegrass festivals, including the European World of Bluegrass of Voorthuizen (Netherlands) and the

 La Roche Bluegrass Festival (France).

Laroche 2.jpg

It's a long way for a band today to build self-identity. 

Boom Ditty have outrun this challenge with success over the years and have managed to create a solid consistency between their visual and musical act.


Their live-show performance brillantly covers the whole content of the album as well as new exclusive songs.
With an admirable sound and lighting technical support team they propel the audience further into the unique Boom Ditty-verse and more vastly into Bluegrass music.

Logo_BoomDitty Full_edited.png

Fabien Duclerc : Rythm Guitar & Vocal
Janine Terhoff : Mandolin, Flute &  Vocal
Rémi Lonca : “Stick” Dbl Bass, Guitar & Vocal
Romain Luzet : Banjo & Mandolin
Yann Ravet : Guitar Lead


Alexis Giraud : Sound Technician 
Laurent Davailles : Light Technician

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